Sunday, February 8, 2009

Shots Moment from "The Foghorn Leghorn"

I've always loved this sequence from "The Foghorn Leghorn". It starts as a consequence of this:

and degenerates into the following:

Foggy is a complete passive character in the fight. Look at him, motionless, sort of a dead body, with the tongue out of his beak, dissacrated by that last kick too.
By the way, it's no mistery now that I'm rediscovering McKimson's first output (the good one), from the beginning to the early 50s. There are some incredibly funny shorts among them, you can notice great timing or funny visual/verbal gags or great animation or marvellous background, rarely all things together. I've rewatched "The Egg-cited Rooster" today: there's some terrific animation of the dog done by Rod Scribner!

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