Saturday, November 29, 2008

"I'll murder him for killing himself this way"

Here's another ultra-rare story starring the Famous' short-lived pairing of Hector and Herman.
So far I miss issues 14 and 16 of "Animal Comics".
Hope Frank or Thad can be of help!
Meanwhile, enjoy this forgotten gem!

See ya around,


Friday, November 14, 2008

"Two's a Crowd"

Time for the first entry in the Chuck Jones' Claude Cat VS Frisky Puppy trilogy.
I love how Claude tris subtle ways to get rid of the dog and then decides to just kill him chasing him around the house with an axe and with an homicidal look in his eyes.
Betwen this and "No Barking" there's one of the most boring cartoons Jones ever made. Hardly a Jones after 1948 was a miss but that was the case.
Anyway let's watch this, a very good entry that also shows how Jones' unit had the best animators!



Sunday, November 9, 2008

"I'll tell those sheep I love 'em like brothers the rats!"

Both Frank Young and Thad had recently delighted us with a series of ultra-rare comic stories starring beloved unfamous Famous characters Hector the Rooster and Blackie the Lamb so I guess it's my turn.
The choice? Why, what question! A story with Blackie and Wolfie, what else?
Many poses reminds me of the early Blackie and Wolfie shorts and in fact the story was drawn by Tom Golden, a Famous animator.

See Youse,


Oswald in "The Prehistoric Egg"

Enjoy this classic Ozzie story written by John Stanley and notice the abundance of feminine pulchritude, made in the same period Mickey Mouse was starting to interact with pin-ups tout court in his daily strips series.

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